About Us

Our History

Kingswood Cabinets was started by finishing carpenter, Kevin Tan, in 2005, although the origins of the company go back to 1999 under the moniker Tan’s Cabinetry. Founded on the principles of continued learning, always meeting commitments, and company is family, Kingswood began life focusing on custom cabinets. Not long after inception, Kevin noticed a service gap in the market, and began dedicating his learning to the volume home builder market. After a steep learning curve Kingswood began to flourish with the opening of their own paint shop and local manufacturing center.

The company has continued to grow and expand in the intervening years to become a true homegrown success story with a reputation of superior service and pride. Fortunately, our history is just the start. With the same level of commitment, Kingswood continues to leverage its experience in all aspects of cabinet making to drive the business forward.

“We started Kingswood Cabinets because we wanted to create something that was uniquely ours. We care about the relationships and the product, so for us, it is important to control the process from manufacturing through to install and warranty. Honestly, we don’t strive to be the best, we just try our best every day to be better than the day before. Our growth could not have happened without our great partners, customers, and staff. Kingswood is family, we love what we do.”

– Kevin Tan, Owner